By AnnieBelle

More than mere metal

This gold brooch features an amethyst at its centre, four peridots and two lots of six seed pearls. These gems are the colours of the suffragette movement - purple for loyalty and dignity, green for hope and white for purity. Suffrage jewellery was worn by suffragettes in the years immediately preceding WW1 to demonstrate their allegiance and to identify one another. There were close links between suffragettes and the artists of the Arts and Crafts movement.

Some historians and antique dealers dispute the jewellery's origin in the suffrage movement, saying that the combination of stones of these colours was around in jewellery before and after its time. Nevertheless, there's no doubt that women of the movement wore these colours in their clothing and jewellery.

My brooch is just over 3cm along its long axis. Once given the macro treatment I could see features not otherwise visible even with specs on, like the pattern on the edge of the amethyst's setting, and that the pearls have mostly lost their whiteness.

I once told M about suffragette jewellery and off on the search he went. It took some persistence to find this piece and I will treasure his gift always.

Thanks for hosting Trisharooni. Stay well all.

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