Tiny Tuesday - "Metal"

Trisharooni's TT challenge this week is "metal".

This is a tiny metal model of One World Trade Center - the replacement tower for those which were attacked on 9/11. We brought it back from New York in 2013 for our Son#3 when he wasn't able to join Son#2 and ourselves, when we visited Son#1, who was living there at the time, to attend his PhD graduation. It came flat-packed so needed careful assembly.

The model is only 12 cm tall, so although it's a little larger than my Tiny Tuesday subjects usually are, the "real thing" is 541metres tall, in other words it's 4,508 times taller than this little model. So I reckon this counts as tiny!

I decided that a plain background was rather boring, so superimposed it on a photo of NYC taken on a trip in 2010. But to keep to blip rules, the photo of the model was taken today :-))

(Interesting fact which I just discovered: 541 metres is 1776 feet - a nod to the year the United States declared its independence.)

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