By Veronica

Upside down

Spotted this, could not resist. We did some packing and cleaning in the morning. Then S set off to walk to the playa El Tesorillo right at the other end of Almuñecar, and I followed in the car at a decent interval. We had lunch at the eponymous chiringuito. Very good indeed. We ordered the barbecued dorada, and when we said we'd want to share a salad to start, the waiter advised against it because he said the dorada would be enough on its own. He was right (extra). Delicious! And it left room for dessert. I ordered the "home-made" apple strudel, sceptically. It took a while to arrive (defrosting it we cynically thought) but it was very good indeed. Good desserts in Spanish restaurants are rare enough for this to be worth mentioning. And it was very reasonably priced. The chiringuitos at our end of town are uniformly mediocre or expensive, so this one is worth travelling for.

A very leisurely lunch lasted till after four, and then we went to lie on he beach. I spent ages watching the crashing waves. Sea too wet for me again, but lots of youngsters were hurling themselves shrieking into the waves.

Because it's la noche de San Juan, normally a cue for bonfires and parties on the beach, the council exceptionally closed the beach at 7 pm. Enforced with the full might of the Policia Local, the Guardia Civil, and a helicopter. But we are all very law-abiding. We dutifully packed up at 7, and then went out for a stroll along the seafront and a drink at the Tres Rejas at about 9. It was a lovely balmy evening, with plenty of people quietly doing their paseo, no need for enforcement on the beach ... such a wonderful place to be.

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