By chantler63

Campanula Revisited

I am taking part in a course through the RPS - Photoshop for Flowers.  A brilliant photographer and PS guru, Celia Henderson is leading these workshops and we work alongside her, having been sent the images ahead.  Although Celia is very clear and checks everyone is understanding and keeping up, the pace is fast and some things quite complicated. Photoshop is incredibly powerful and already, in just two one-hour sessions I have learned a great deal.  There is one more session this week but I have already signed up for the next block.  There are about thirty participants nationwide and this is all made possible through Zoom.  The blip is an image taken a short while ago but processed following skills learned today. I think this means I will stay with Adobe!

I'll do some more practice tomorrow to consolidate a bit of the learning - it really is a very intense hour and a bit.

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