By Paladian

Rainy day in Wanaka

The Blip gods were definitely frowning on me today - or maybe they were crying, and their tears fell on Wanaka. Whatever the reason, it tipped it down with rain today, so my proposed 200 blip got washed away.

We went out for a bit of a drive this afternoon when it stopped precipitating, and stopped off at Glendhu Bay, on Lake Wanaka, and I got several nice shots, but I thought this was pretty well iconic New Zealand. A bit of lake, a Kiwi plant, and a bit of mountain.

This is my 200th blip - and I've had a wonderful time blipping. Made heaps of new friends, learnt a hell of a lot about photography, learnt how to process in Lightroom, and learnt how to see the world in a new way. Big thanks to Blip Central, and I'm not planning to stop any time soon - having too much of a good time.

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