Blowing a gale

And it is too. Never mind that we have had temperatures hot enough to skin your hands, now we have gale force winds causing havoc all over the place. Trees down everywhere. Power lines down all over the city. We were without power in the night, but it's been ok today. I just heard on the news that there are still 45,000 homes without power, so we are truly the lucky ones.

So..... thank you all so very much for joining in the MonoMonday challenge. I have got all the links up - if you have joined the challenge and I've missed your link, please do let me know.

One of the nicest results of this challenge is that I get to see many of your images in the Spotlight! That's pretty cool. I think the diversity is outstanding. I'll try to finish off the comments before the end of the day. Again if I have missed anyone, my sincere apologies. The response has been huge, which is great.

Today's image is of a little skipper. There are hundreds of them flying at the moment, but they ain't called skippers for nowt. They skip and dart all over the place at great speed. Add that to the gale force winds up their tails ... I think you get the picture.

Big eyes

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