By Wildwood

Uninvited Guests

As I sat and read the newspaper this morning, a large black spider crawled out of the centerfold, up and over the top edge of the paper and down over the story of Trump suspending work visas for foreigners. Before I threw the paper across the room and it ran under the couch, it occurred to me that Trump’s face was an oddly appropriate image for a spider....

As I sliced green onions for a salad for lunch a very small green caterpillar inched its way out of the center of the onion, stood on the onion slice on the end of my knife waving its upper body around curiously. I didn’t throw the knife, but I did lose interest in the salad....

As I took my Zoom class I kept hearing a dog bark. It didn’t sound quite like Ozzie but it did sound like the barking was in our house. It turns out Sherisse (the teacher) wouldn’t let her dog go outside because there was a baby bird on the ground. The dog could see the bird and was going nuts. After class Sherisse texted me a video of her daughter trying to catch the baby which had probably fallen out of the nest. I hope they were able to put it back.

The HVAC guys came to check our heating and air conditioning which included trips under the house to check the ducts and up in the attic to check the furnace. They reported that there were no rats dead or alive up there.

That made me happy...until they showed us the furnace filters which were filthy. John went immediately out to get new ones....That pretty much covers our day today...never a dull moment around here...

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