Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Instant human

Back at the Eye & Ear hospital this morning. I came away from a session with a specialist with some exercises to help the eye muscles better adjust when switching from distant to close vision (there's been talk of maybe needing special 'prism' compensation). Some mixup led to a long delay before a was then seen by the doctor's team. The outcome was good, though. I'd been concerned because the vision in my right eye (the first to have the cataract removed) has disimproved compared to the amazing clarity immediately following the procedure. I'm to have minor laser treatment to remove cloudiness on the membrane, which is a fairly common side-effect. I wax told I could have it done there and then (it only takes five minutes), but preferred to come back since Carl had been already waiting for over an hour to take me home.

Later in the afternoon I checked out a café in Raheny as a possible spot to meet tomorrow for coffee with a good mate I haven't seen since February. As I waited for my takeaway hot chocolate I spotted this notice on the wall beside me.

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