By Missycat

Day 93 Heatwave

I was going to photograph something metal for TT today, but in the end didn't get round to it.  After fetching Violet back from school at lunchtime, we both sat indoors in the shade to cool down for a while then went out to the garden, where we remained in the shade.  Violet has rather liked the sarong that I wear strictly in the garden and so this morning I had looked out a few scarves and smaller sarongs for her to try out which she did with glee.  In this pic she looks to me for all the world like a throwback to the the 1960s and Flower Power, which I remember well!
In other news: today BJ announced big changes in easing the lockdown with effect from 4 July.  The changes are numerous and complicated (as always) so follow my link to read a summary.  I'm dekighted that I will get my hair appointment but my nails will have to wait a while as apparently nail bars and beauty salons are not yet able to be 'covid secure'.  I would have thought mani and pedi treatments would have been quite easy to manage but the government says no.
In other local to us  news: three fire engines shot by our house this evening and stopped near to the care home opposite us, but it wasn't there that was on fire.  Unconfirmed for sure, but we strongly suspect that it is another foolish  fire lit in Linder's Field.  Late this evening we heard that there has been a fatal stabbing nearby.  The lockdown hasn't stopped criminal activity , that's for sure.

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