Happy Birthday Charles!

In our beloved Clark Park is our beloved statue of Dickens and Little Nell. Every year the great novelist's birthday is celebrated, and today I attended for about the fourth time. At the nearby university, passages from his novels and letters were read, a cake was candled and sung to, and then the local Kingsessing Morris Dancers took the lead by performing in the hallway and then down the street to the statue. Morris dancing has nothing to do with Dickens but it was a great touch for the occasion. the weather was cold but sunny and pleasant. Charlie turned 201 in good style.

I'd flesh this subject out a bit more, but the past whole day has been dominated by yesterday's blip about Arthur Kitson, who turns out to have been two separate persons, conflated into one! I've added an "Edit" note there, explaining.

It doesn't end there, either. I've found the date of Herman Helcher's death --Oh, sorry, I get carried away with these crazy little threads. I'll blip about Herman soon.

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