A Buzzy Day!

Our first bees arrived on Monday night, today they were ready to be transferred from the Nuc into their new hive. The men (and young lady) in white suits did all the work, I stood well back with the camera! Apparently there’s probably about 20,000 bees in the hive and this will soon rise to about 50,000...that’s one heck of a lot of bees buzzing around!!

It’s been a glorious day, if a little too warm...we should have been sailing to Spain as I write for a trip around the Pyrenees in the Nomad, however that will have to wait until next year.

Thanks to Freyjad for hosting Wide Wednesday this week.

In honour of admirer, 60plus is hosting a Silly Saturday tribute challenge on the 27th June...everyone who knew her is actively encouraged to join in. The tag will be SilS195.

PS most of you guessed correctly that yesterday’s blip was a radiator key!

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