By SecondSeason

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It is two years ago this day (June 16, 2018) that we moved from city to rural life.  
From living at sea level to 1350 metres (4430 feet) enjoying mountain top living.  
Moving from a coastal rain forest to an area surrounded by a semi arid climate, finding our mountain has its very own microclimate.  
Where the winter months are doubled and the other 3 seasons are squashed into 6 months.  
Having been a lover of Autumn most of my life, it almost felt traitorous to switch seasons but I can honestly say 'Winter' has become my favourite season. :)

What a ride…what an adventure this has been!  So many good things have happened with SO MUCH change in how we now do life.  Forever grateful will I be.

It feels like it’s been coming for a while now that I need to take a wee break from Blip.  Even though I’ve continued to post daily blips, the past days and weeks have been a struggle.  Partly due to the fact I’ve had computer issues since February and have only been able to take photos with my iPhone since then.  T h a t  has been incredibly discouraging as I’m currently unable to download any photos into my editing program and it has taken some of the joy out of photography for me.  It's just not the same.  Have been working on getting the issue resolved, but due to Covid 19 and social distancing it’s been challenging.  But more than all that, it just doesn’t feel integrous that I’ve been unable to share in your daily journeys.  To me that’s what being a community is all about.  

I’m not sure how long my hiatus will be but I do want to thank you so much for your continued Blip friendship.  Appreciated.

Until we meet again…

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