a lifetime burning

By Sheol

The Severn Crossing just after sunset

Wide Wednesday: The severn crossing just after sunset

This evening for the first time this year, I went for a walk pushing a golf caddy and occasionally loosing a golf ball.  It would be overly flattering to say that I was actually playing golf, but it was lots of fun.  I met up with two friends for my first game of golf this year. As you can gather, my golf was atrocious. I would like to blame the 30C temperature as we tee'd off, but I fear that was only partly to blame.

This shot was taken at around 9:40pm this evening when the sun was going down over the Welsh hills across the River Severn (which I think probably meets the criteria for Freyjad's challenge this week).  

This time last year, Incredibish and I had arrived in Inverness at the end of our epic tour of Scotlands' northern coastline on motorbikes.  The year before we were just setting out on our way to Islay and Mull.  Sadly the year before that again we had just voted in the referendum that was to lead to Brexit.  Who knows what the future will bring us, but I hope that in a year's time Mark and I are happily enjoying a suitably adventurous trip on our bikes :-)

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