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Emerging ...

All right. I'll admit it right away: I'm rather pleased with the metaphor of my photo for today. It shows the view along the road that carries on through Dunoon to the south of the Cowal Peninsula (it is in fact a dead end, but not for about 15 miles or more) and beyond to Cumbrae (on the left) and Arran (right) and - if you look very carefully - to Ailsa Craig in the middle. It also shows very clearly how we were emerging at that time - about 5pm - from underneath the cold front that brought all the rain we've had over the past few days, as the movement of the thinning cloud illustrates exactly the movement we were shown on last night's weather map graphics! 

I felt more positive today, not only because the Scottish Government roadmap for the next five or so weeks holds out hope for seeing family and getting around a bit more, but also, I think, because I was so busy. I've been making a sourdough all day, on and off - stretching and folding a great lump of wet dough in the interests of better holes in the finished loaves! - as well as, crazily, making galettes for lunch (I need to practise more). And in the afternoon we were back up at church (walking, to get a leg stretch) recording not only hymns for Sunday's online service but also music for the funeral that's being held on Friday, so that we can share the files with the family who can't be present. I'm learning a great deal about my own voice (I think I've said elsewhere that I never set out to be a solo singer) and about keeping going to the end of a session - as well as the tension inherent in making a recording, when every mistake means a re-take. I was starving by the time I took this blip on the way home, galettes notwithstanding!

I ended the day with online Compline; it lasts only 20 minutes, but it's a settling and lovely way to wind down. And now, I'm completely wound down, like a toy, and bed beckons. 

Tomorrow is set to be strangely hot.

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