The cruelest dog owner in the world!

Bridie doesn't do wet and cold! And today is very very wet and cold and Bridie thought I was the cruelest dog owner in the world, when I insisted that we had to go out for a walk.

The problem is that she doesn't want to be outside in bad weather, but she hates to be left home alone too. Her suggestion would be that we just all stayed indoors in bad weather, but I am not keen on that idea as the boys would be running on the walls, if they didn't get to burn some energy on our walks!

My solution to the problem is that Bridie comes for a walk - even when she doesn't like the weather. The fresh air and exercise is good for her anyway ;-)

This is Bridie sulking after our wet walk. I wrapped her in a blanket and now she is sleeping, so I think she will forgive me.

It sounds like my mum is a little better today. My dad has talked to the nurses and he will visit her in hospital later. Please keep praying for her.

Today was first day of school - ARGH... the chaos of getting ready for Crufts and finish an exam paper at the same time has begun!

Biscuit has been to the vet to have his prostata checked after our scare a couple of weeks ago. Luckily it is still looking ok.

Have a good day!
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys + Bridie

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