By dunkyc


It has been an incredibly hot and muggy day, but an important date (today) had been placed in the calendar for a long overdue socially distant walk with a good friend.

She spends a lot of her time up in the hills, which sounds exhausting on a hot day, so I was keen instead  to show off my fairly new river walk.

Smiles and a crafty hug exchanged we stopped at the garage for an ice cream and demolished them before they could melt (well I did) and then the next hour and a half or so proceeded to vanish as we caught up with each other’s lives whilst warily eyeing cows in the field who were doing the same to us.

It was so nice to spend time in the company of someone friendly and familiar and hear how they’ve been coping and getting through lockdown. I think most of us have just been doing it in the only way each of us know how.

We agreed on being grateful for having (and still having) a job to focus on throughout and also in our capacity as co-parents, to have children who need us has been another welcome distraction. I KNEW there was a reason I had children…..

I was tired at the end of the walk, not physically, but mentally as having spent a fair amount of time on my own, I appear to have lost the mental capacity to focus and maintain a conversation!

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