By dunkyc

Big Shoes

There’s this chap at work who is easing his way into retirement and has now dropped down to an enviable, two days a week working pattern.

He is incredibly experienced, thorough, knowledgable, well-liked and exceptionally good at what he does. I wouldn’t want to be the guy that steps into his shoes wh……….oh.

It’s been talked about for a while, but now it is very real as his clients transition from being “his clients” to being “my clients”. It has gone well so far, but that is a testament to his guile and commitment in delivering the constant stream of assists so well that only someone completely inept would balloon it over the bar*.

It isn’t helping with my imposter syndrome (can’t believe I’ve still not been found out yet), but I am finding that I seem to do my best work under pressure, so when the day comes and my battered, shattered, fundamentally useless heart finally gives out, shock waves will permeate the insurance industry like never before in the knowledge that something amazing happened. Y’know like a claim getting paid**.

Today we renewed one of our largest clients over a video call - whilst this was going on, I was surreptitiously trying land a new client without the existing one seeing. I think I got away with it.

Regardless, after a quick venture out into a rain-soaked yarden to capture this dahlia, I am celebrating tonight with a beer and Asda’s finest dad-with-no-kids-tonight-curry, safe in the knowledge that tomorrow is Fri-yay! 

*Sorry for the lapse into a football analogy, I have been watching A LOT of the Euros lately.

**Sorry for the insurance “humour”, I have been doing a lot of insurance lately.

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