A very hot day, our son was out in the garden first eating his breakfast.  I followed suit a little while later after having watered the allotment.  It was very warm even at that early time.  Later that morning my husband met up with his other two cycling friends for an impromptu meeting at the beach for a chat, coffee and swim.  I joined them sometime later and also went for a swim.  My first this year, the weather conditions have to be very warm to tempt me in.  Although cold at first it was an enjoyable experience.  I managed to ignore the tale from one of them who had a swim yesterday and felt a jellyfish sting him he brushed it away and it then landed on his chin!  There was no sign of jellyfish today fortunately. There was no overcrowding on the beach and everyone we saw was keeping a good distance apart.

This afternoon we met up for a garden visit to friends who we haven't seen since lockdown, other than glimpses during zoom meetings. Certainly much nicer seeing people in person.  Their garden was looking so good as they have been mainly at home during this time.

I tried my hand at an in camera double exposure of part of an orchid flower for todays Abstract Thursday theme of multi exposure.

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