By evolybab

Flower Friday.....Irises

I seem to be a little too fond of the in camera filters at the moment, for some reason I decided to add a 'sunshine' filter to this photo of the iris around the pond...as if we haven't enough sunshine as it is! Quite liked it though.....thanks to Bikerbear for hosting :)
Not half so hot today, and a bit of a breeze thankfully. I haven't done a lot as usual, need some shopping but am reluctant somehow to visit the supermarket and have Whatapp'd the lovely volunteer to ask if she could get a few things when she next shops.
A bit of weeding and watering, as there was none of the half expected rain last night, and have just started a book on loan from G, by the author of A Girl on a Train......seems quite good!

Thank you very much as always for the lovely responses yesterday :)

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