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Beach Party!

Apologies for shock…

It was our eldest granddaughter’s sixth birthday today. Sadly we couldn’t have a ‘normal’ family outing as we usually do.

She had wanted a beach party - so instead of going to the beach - the beach came to her house.

A sandpit was her big present, and there were gazillions of various shades of blue and white balloons as well as blow up fish, dolphins, crabs, starfish and shells. Mummy had also made a sea themed cake - see extra.

Mrs madwill made her a quilt - the fabric had lots of pictures of sea creatures, including mermaids.

As you can see I got a chance to wear my beach shirt - Mrs madwill wouldn’t let me wear it on the way in case we had a breakdown :-))

Obviously there couldn’t be a big gathering so there were lots of little socially distanced ‘bubble’ ones through the day. As one group left another arrived. Sadly we were a bit late for our slot as we got stuck in traffic on the way (can you believe it?) - however she had a great time and we had taken our sandwiches and a flask to join in the picnic. The cake came out for each bubble and ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung!

Added an extra of a red kite that was floating around over our garden.

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