Two steps forward...

By stevvi


It's been far too hot to muck around with photography today but I did take a brief trip to the seafront, just by the pier, at about 10 o'clock expecting to photograph the massive throng of virus spreading, brain dead, "covidiots" (*if* the press are to be believed) and, because I was there, become one of them! Maybe they don't wake up until later as the place was as empty as I've seen it in summer, past and present. Instead I attempted to take photos of flying pigeons in the hope that something more like a crowd would develop on the people front. By 11 I'd had enough... the place was still empty and I was too hot, so I went to Tesco instead. Such is the excitement of my life! :))

Thankfully cooler weather is forecast for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Have a great weekend all!

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