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By Ona

A scrow

A right mess made in the kitchen this evening as I made refrigerator cake and flapjack for a gathering tomorrow afternoon to day Bon voyage to my lovely neighbours who are moving to Sweden. They are the only (connected) neighbours I have had in this so it will be strange to have new people move in.

A day in work today which was useful to meet with a colleague I haven’t seen at all throughout lockdown, a catch up with a friend and being in the right place at the right time to meet another. I got a lot more done at home last Friday though so I don’t think I’ll make that choice again.

A cancelled plan tonight with the favourite people because I didn’t trust the weather. One roll of thunder was all we had in the end but I did get round to weeding the top flower beds having made the mistake of putting the bird feeders above one of them.

More cake making to be done tomorrow morning and fingers crossed that the forecast for tomorrow is wrong too.

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