Ona's Photos

By Ona


A day of very changeable weather today so Bailey and I didn't go far on his first walk (or his last) and by the time he got up ready to go out, I had made a start on today's baking. One Victoria sponge and a dozen scones later and the kitchen was finally tidy again. The weather put paid to the planned gathering but we are a bit more hopeful about tomorrow instead - although I am thinking the 40 mile an hour winds that are forecast might be a limiting factor. 

I got a few work jobs out of the way this afternoon, hung the washing out (and brought it back in again three times before it was dry enough to iron), finally got around to planting what I bought - and was gifted - last Sunday and this evening I weeded the long bed and planted three echinops that arrived on Friday. I ignored one very light shower and carried on but then got completely caught out in a downpour. Still nice to have things to do in the garden and to be out there into the evening. 

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