Ona's Photos

By Ona


A windy but (almost) dry day today so the planned gathering to wish my lovely neighbours farewell did go ahead this afternoon. The gazebo took off at one point and there was sudden, torrential rain just as the burgers were almost ready but everyone sheltered for about 10 minutes and it cleared. There was plenty of chat, good food and an appropriate fuss made. Bailey made an appearance before we went for a walk but has done really well to be left in the house with from two through to eight. 

This morning I managed to get through most of my lesson prep for Y12 this week, write a list of jobs to be done and tick a few of them off before the week even begins. What I didn't manage to do was cut the grass - which would have looked a whole lot better when people came round to have a look at the garden. It'll be an after school job this week. 

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