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End of an era

Today is the end of term for schools in Edinburgh and I think most of Scotland. I do feel for our children in this current mess. For those at transition especially - whether into school, into secondary or at the end of their education the rite is passage is missing. Schools have done what they can, but no P7 prom, no end of term shows, balls, prize giving, graduations and in many cases simply no chance to say goodbye, to friends, staff and places. No full stop at the end of the chapter, simply a row of dots......
The local primary PTA arranged an ice cream van in the park with free ice cream for the P7s, they queued beautifully, all socially distanced, how proud their families should be. It didn't rain and the sun tried to shine.
For us, the day wasn't as bad as forecast, I had my early walk. Back home for a shower and to relax then into the day with a vengeance. I had notes to prepare for two Zoom meetings and a couple of tricky email responses to compose. After lunch it was into the first meeting - a Cursillo zoom Ultreya the first since before I went to India in February, good to see really faces, hear positive stories, to be affirmed and to sing as though no-one was listening!

We went for a short walk afterwards then after tea it was time for a Cursillo business meeting, lots accomplished and planned there too.
Then there was the dreadful news from Glasgow, what is happening to our world?

After tea I went down to visit K and sat outside her front door for an hour or so having a chat, nice to catch up.
Now the day is over, the week is over and the term is over. More milestones in peoples' lives in these extraordinary days, E heard today that provided she is back at school full time, she will have the same teacher as this year so she's very happy about that.
Keep safe everybody, it's Summer, what happened to Spring? Reminds me of the Dr Suess book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, except its How the Virus Stole Spring....
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