By dfb24

"Must Have Bird Seed"

As I was sitting in the living room, looking out the front window watching for the girls, I had to call Tom to come and watch the squirrel trying to get at the seed. It tried biting and twisting the top, it hung sideways and upside-down, pushing its' head through the bars, all with no success. While it IS a "squirrel-proof" feeder, we've had two previous models of "squirrel-proof" feeders that smaller squirrels actually got inside of and couldn't get back out. One was so panicked that it got halfway out but was stuck in the bars, and both times Tom had to rescue them by cutting the bars and bending them apart. 
This blip is in honor of Admirer, who I know would have liked these silly shots. She was such a kind person, always leaving such sweet, positive comments on my journal. A lover of books, animals, art, walks, and visits to Mischa, her descriptions of each day painted such a vivid picture of her life, and I enjoyed each and every one of them. You will be missed, Admirer!     (& thanks to 60Plus for a brilliant idea in Admirer's honor!)

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