By dfb24

Helianthus Decapetalus...

...more commonly known as Thin Leaf Sunflower. I used it’s formal name just because when I saw it I found it funny—sounds so much like “decapitate”! A big “ouch” for the poor plant! LOL. Tom got another unit of blood today so is feeling good. I walked another two circuits of the trails at the preserve behind the clinic while they were waiting for the blood to get there. Besides all the flowers I saw a big toad in the middle of the path, lots of birds, turtles, & ducks, with one duck “mom” & her 7 small ducklings. I put a couple photos of them in the extras. In the first is mom with 5 of the babies & in the second is one of the babies sitting on a lily pad, so you can see how small they all were.
Thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting flowerFridays, & hope you all have a great weekend! :))

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