By tondrijfhamer

17 years

After a quiet night in Stadskanaal, Joke arrived around 09.30 to relieve me. We had a coffee on the balcony together and after that I went home, where I haven't been for almost 4 days now.

Before I went home I bought roses for Annemarie, 17 to be exact. It's our 17th wedding anniversary today, so of course I can't come home empty handed. I also bought pastries to celebrate.

My in laws came by in the afternoon, Daan had his football and Bas went out with friends as well, so everything is 'as usual' at home. I liked that.
I mowed my lawn just before a huge downpoor and had a nice quiet day, doing nothing actually. We were supposed to go out for dinner together but that's postponed to next weekend. Instead we ordered pizza from the local pizzeria. (no Domino's, we had the real ones!!)

Around 20.30 I went back to Stadskanaal, where I relieved Joke and stayed with my dad again for the night.
Tomorrow we'll follow the same procedure again.
When all goes well my mother will come home Monday or Tuesday, so we're almost there.

We then have to find a solution for suitable help for them. Things are being done about that already. More consults and deliberations about that next week I guess. For now, it's back on the couch for the night. No problem, I sleep well on it. I do have my own pillow with me now....


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