By tondrijfhamer

A walk in the forest

With temperatures reaching 30C today, not only outside but inside as well, my father (85) and I decided to go for a walk in the Pagedal forest nearby.
We hadn't been there for a long time. I grew up here and always played in this forest with my schoolfriends. My father walked our dogs here for years. I'm talking '80s now, so that's a while back.

To my surprise very little has changed. And to my bigger surprise my father recognized it also. 'We used to cut our Christmas branches here' he said and that's right. I remember that, walking through dark snowy pine woods, off the beaten paths.

He also named some plants and birds by their names and enjoyed the walk very much. Halfway we sat down for a while and watched Highlander cows in the distance.
In total we walked for over one hour (almost 2 kilometers), and that was just enough. Time to go home for lunch.

In the afternoon my sister came an together we went to Emmen, to the hospital where my mother still is. She's doing well fortunately. A little better every day.

Because of the corona virus, only 1 visitor is allowed. Because dad can't go alone we're allowed to accompany him. He and Joke went inside and I went for yet another walk in Emmen. I used to go to school here, so it was yet another walk down memory lane. I walked all the way from the hospital to the centre, bought a drink (1liter lemon-water) and sat down in the shade.
Around 18.30 I was back at the carpark of the hospital, sat down again in the shade and killed some time calling Annemarie and watching the latest vlog of Thomas Heaton on my phone.
At 19.30 Joke and I traded places and I went to see my mother until visiting time was over at 20.00.

Around 20.45 we were back in Stadskanaal again.
Joke went home to Delfzijl and I stayed with my dad for yet another night.
Tommorow morning she will come back to relieve me, so I can go home as well. I have been in Stadskanaal since Wednesday and I want to see Annemarie and the boys again. On top of that it's a bit of a special day tomorrow.

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