By tondrijfhamer

Good news

The doctors gave us some good news about my mother while we were visiting her today. An inflammation was located and will be treated with antibiotics and that should do the trick. No operation or anything like that.
What a relief. When all goes well, she will come home next Monday or Tuesday.

Later in the evening, my dad and I watched a show of André Rieu together, broadcasted on Dutch television. We knew my mother was watching also. The usual whatsapp-messages went back and forth, just like earlier this year during the lockdown.

Last December we went to a Rieu concert with the whole family and since then he's become some sort of anchorpoint. My parents are huge fans and treat him as if he's family.

The last sunlight of the day, combined with the Maestro on TV seemed only fitting for todays blip.

Previous Rieu-moments:

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