At Home With The G's

By AndyG1982

Challenge accepted!

Today is my 38th birthday. Pictured above is a present my sister in law got me.
My aim is to do this "impossible puzzle" before my 39th birthday.
Yes that's a very long time away, but its 1000 pieces and its looks very hard.

In the spirit of challenging myself, at 8pm tonight I noticed I had only done 2000 steps, and if I do 10000 steps a day, every day for 30 days, my Garmin watch rewards me with a digital badge on my app. Being a sucker for these things and feeling the need to challenge myself I then spent the next hour walking back and forth in my living room in an attempt to hit 10k before bed time.

At 9:17pm my watch vibrated and displayed a picture of a trophy to celebrate my achievement And I am now on a 7 day streak.

It's pretty easy during the week as i walk a lot at work and i tend to do a run on Saturdays. But Sunday is always the killer. Not any more!

I tried to do 10k steps a day every day for a year in 2019, I made it to june but then i missed a day because I got incredibly drunk on a boat trip. And then my heart just wasnt in it.
So now I'm gonna do 10k steps a day every day, for as long as I can.

I'm also gonna try and blip every day. And eat better, and run more, and maybe, just maybe get round to watching the lord of the rings.

See you tomorrow.

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