By Cumbrialass

Dark food

Another wet day.. Is it any wonder we constantly mention the weather. On Thursday it was very hot but within 2 days it was cold and wet and windy and the temperature has dropped 14 degrees.

Decide to have a go at the latest theme this afternoon, Dark Food. 
Probably not the best day as the weekly shop is tomorrow. One bottle of wine and not much fruit in fact the sum total was as photographed, 3 strawberries, 2 banana and 1 apple and all past their best.
Still it was fun trying to make them look appetising. 

As I was finishing I got a message to say my  brother was back in hospital. I did wonder if theyd let him go home too early At least he is now closer to his home in Leeds and I believe StJames has a good reputation so I am hoping they will take more care of him. I'm trying to stay positive! 

So, a couple of glasses of shiraz and the best of Glastonbury  on tv . Such huge crowds.... will that ever happen again?

Thank you so much for all your comments and stars. Xxx

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