By Wildwood

Zucchini and and Three Blossoms

No wonder everybody always plants zucchini. I find them rather tasteless, especially when, hidden under a leaf they grow to the size of a small boat, but they require no effort and are a good vessel for lots of cheese....

After trips to two different quilt least I know where they are now if I continue with other projects...I finally decided to rethink  my original plan for attaching the squares with striped sashing so I could use something I already had. I might use the striped fabric I bought yesterday for the border...we'll see. Even when it comes to a project like this, which is keeping me sane, I find that it takes me a lot longer to make decisions than it used to. 

Lacking my usual sources of inspiration I've even had to get John to help me on a few things. He really does think in numbers. By the time I finished explaining to him how the quilt is  assembled I had thought up a new approach.  It  amused me to realize that he really had no clue but of course I have no idea how to design a fractionation column....

I am very grateful for the hot weather which allows us to eat outside and be with the family, albeit at a distance. We're going over this evening as soon as I make a Salade Niçoise

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