By Wildwood

Who ARE those People?

Digging around on a high shelf in the closet behind the almost finished quilt this afternoon , I came across a stack of photographs taken at our wedding. How fortuitous, for today is our 57th anniversary and we had both forgotten all about it. Not that it would have changed anything ....Birthdays, graduations and anniversaries have all passed with scant notice since the pandemic began. I made banana bread....

I took a screen shot* of a graph from the New York Times which tells the whole story of today's news. Here in the land of Trump and make-believe, things opened up too soon and are now having to close again as the infection rate skyrockets. It will be all the more difficult for us to stay home but as  John Fogarty of  Creedence Clearwater Revival fame said, " I'm not going to die for the economy I'm not dying for Donald Trump".  In a complete about face, Pence, the nominal head of the discredited, disbanded and now reinstated Coronavirus task force, is now pleading with people to wear face masks and maintain social distance. Way to little, way too late....

Somewhere in the depths of the White House, a maskless Donald Trump is no doubt howling in frustration. He bet his re-election on the economy and has allowed thousands of Americans to die of a disease he insisted was a 'hoax'. Even Fox News seems to have turned their back on him.

Please stay alive and healthy until November my fellow Americans so that you can vote that man out of office and into jail where he belongs. And I hope that some of the other wannabe dictators and demagogues are taking note of the sorry state of this country before it's too late for them....


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