A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Mono Monday 336 :: MM336 :: Colour

Monochromatic colour, a hotbed topic amongst many photo clubs selection committees! Thank you Laurie54 for your final theme for this month.

To play it safe I have given 3 examples where a single colour can be transformed by light and shadow. No black or white just shades ranging from the darkest possible and the lightest. 

Naturally, there may look as if some areas are black or white, what we view the image on can affect this but the intention is to hold back to within the colour's shades, tones and tints. 

Next month's Mono Monday will be hosted by 60Plus and myself. I will try and be active but my current move is taking much of my PC time these days. 60Plus will be posting the themes for the month under activities and on Facebook.

Blue Image: Lampshade base under its own light.
Magenta Image: A painted wall with said lamp light on it.
Silver Image: Instructions on my office waste bin.

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