By rainie

An Eye

It just seemed logical for me to blip the Wax-eye (or Tahau, its Maori name), as they are plentiful, hogging the bananas, apples, sugared water just out from my window.  This taken through the window as all my wax-eye photos are.  They are such tiny birds, I've just looked up NZ Birds on line who say they are 12cm in length and weighing just 13g.....figured because they are tiny birds, their eyes have to be teeny tiny....take a look in extra which really shows its size. I rather like the extra, but since the topic is "eye", an eye it is. Big thanks to trisharooni for hosting the five weeks of Tiny Tuesday.

For a change I'm blipping early, its only 4.30, good grief.  A nice feeling to have this done, now I'll make tracks to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Its raining outside, but just a shower I think.  

Well,  thats June done and dusted....bring on July and in less than a week there will be hugs from our Wellington family.


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