By ferryoons

Soft refreshing rain

Just as I began one of my regular woodland walks (got to keep the steps up) the rain started.

To my right, the farmers had been ploughing and scattering the good seed on the ground. Most of the feeding has been done by a man on a tractor. Today is the watering. As you can see, the barley’s coming on well.

But the trees were keeping me dry. It’s interestingly comforting walking gently along, listening to the rain hitting the canopy overhead while not hitting me.

Then as the rain eased I went and ruined it. I haven’t walked the overgrown route for a bit, thinks I. By the time I had pushed through ebullient bushes, enthusiastic long grasses and the expanding brambles (needed very careful navigation) I was soaked from mid-thigh, down into my shoes.

Oh well. Back home, showered, dry clothes, coffee. Contented sigh.

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