Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


Another day of sorting out various things as well as producing a Moonpig card for a relative. I cannot go out and buy or post a card so Moonpig will have to do. I wanted to send another card overseas, but Moonpig only do the United Kingdom, but Funky Pigeon send all over the world; the card will be late, but at least I have sent one.
I shall sit in the conservatory and do some more knitting this afternoon.
Today’s picture is of two rabbits, which are sitting up and looking around the garden. Dougal at this point decided to come in. I could see nothing untoward in the garden, but clearly the animals knew there was something invading their space.

The temperature was eighteen degrees Celsius at GMT noon there were a few sports of rain, several times during the morning, but never enough to make the steps wet.

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