By suehutton

Shock of the Yellow

A completely unexpected sight as Basil and I turned the corner towards Staunton Harold. I assume it's Oil Seed Rape, but that's usually well over by now finishing flowering in May, not at the beginning of July.

I'd gone to buy two planter pots from the garden centre. Then Basil and took to the fields at Bignalls Wood opposite. Exquisite wildflower and grass meadows. Grasses are not normally allowed to flower and grow and often you get an undesirable variety. Basil romped and I trudged. We passed the brick barn which is supposed to be a bat and owl roost but couldn't get near. Nature is taking over. Trees and grasses are invading. I could see others had got there, but not many and the barn itself is falling down.

Very peaceful and refreshing. Lots of clover and myriads of Gatekeeper butterflies. I did manage to get a couple of photos. See extra.

Felt like having a cup of coffee after that. The charity coffee room was open and I got my coffee for a £1 donation exhausting what was left of the milk.

Took the photo of the yellow field, with lone tree, on the way back.

Camera club via Zoom tonight.

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