By Cumbrialass

Tiring Tuesday

I suppose I spent most of today subconsciously waiting for news about my brother, so it seemed a long day. 

Few household jobs then took Fletch to the park . Not too busy. Our feet take us round the usual route without having to think which way were going but we decided to change the route.There are definitely more ducks and geese this year.

From there I nipped into M& S to collect an order for M. Yesterday I said I'd pick it up as I'd something to take back. I went to Tesco, then to M& S , returned my top ( too big) wandered round the food dept and was back at home before I realised I'd not collected Ms parcel ! Age ? 
Anyway today I collected it. 

As the wind had dropped I decided to take Fletch for a walk by the dock. I took my 'real' camera. I'd only take  2 photos and the red battery light flashed on. 
I put the 24mm Prime lens on as I thought I'd take some wide angle shots and its lightweight but ended up with close ups .  .. almost close up... after a lot of cropping, but I liked the bees wings in this one.
Note to self: check battery.. perhaps take the more 18- 55 lens next time

My brother is making slow but pleasing progress. 

Thank you for the heart and stars and caring comments xxx

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