The second half of life..

By twigs

Have dog, will walk.......

Had out monthly Ladies Lunch today with a group of former colleagues, many of whom have not worked at school for many, many years!  It's always so nice to see everyone though, and catch up.  

Decided I had enough time for a trip to the Boulder Bank where I initially set out on a cloud hunt.  There was a humumgous pyramid of cumulonimbus to the north which sadly was almost swamped in lower stratocumulus by the time I arrived.  Hey ho - there's always the kingfishers to find and shoot.........if only I could!  Did manage a quick grab of one flying by with a crab firmly tucked into its beak (extras).  Not a great shot but I was pleased to have got it.  And then of course, there's the dog walkers.  I like the blue hue in this image as it very accurately reflects how cold it was.  Have dog, will the cold....... but have cat, will snuggle down in front of warm fire!  Cats are sooo much more me! 

In COVID news today, another day of zero new cases.  That's two days in a row......

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