By Ingeborg

Four for birth

Hurray, Fumiko got her visit pass extension for Singapore until the 24th this month, so the wedding can go as planned on the 11th (at home, with just a wedding solemniser and two witnesses) and they can finally fly to NL in 3 weeks ! Thanks for all the good vibes and crossed fingers ! We stayed up until we had the news !

There are loads of magpies in our neighbourhood and it seems they do like our garden very much. I know they're wayward, rowdy and not very nice to other birds, but they can be amusing too. It's been raining all night and early morning and it was funny seeing this group of 4 rather bedraggled wet youngsters on top of the weeping silver birch. The magpie rhyme says: 4 for a boy, but the original text seems to be 4 for birth ... Hope it's a good omen, although the birth of our grandchild should wait until the due date ;-).

Don't know if this image is ok for Wide Wednesday, it's a banner shape 16x9 crop of the birds , I'll add the tag just in case :-)

Thanks very much for the support, kind comments and stars for yesterday's all-seeing tree eye :-)

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