By HClaireB

Pat the Plat

A duck-billed platypus bronze-welded from spoons made by Gerald Hale in Tasmania.  We bought it at a lovely wine farm outside Launceston just before Christmas.

On 28 April I blipped that I had made a book from my photos of "Tassie" and was sending it to blurb for printing.  When it came back I showed it to MrHCB who immediately said "where are the photos of Launceston?".  Whereupon I discovered that I had only used the photos I had taken with my "proper" camera and had forgotten the photos that I took with my iPhone.  So I now have an even bigger problem of how to make the book shorter whilst also including some of the iPhone shots.  Tassie was such a photogenic place, editing is really hard.  Maybe I should do a series of shorter books, one on each town/area?

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