The planned WI "6 in a garden"  get together this morning, was cancelled  because someone (on Sunday) thought it would rain. Annoyed,  I went up to Waterhead, waded through a bit of blue-green algae and swam a kilometre . Much better for me than coffee and cake. And it didn't rain. I expect the person who cancelled the event is feeling a bit foolish.
I went to Waterhead because its Ambleside and will get flooded with tourists come Saturday, for the rest of the summer. It was peaceful today. Just 2 more peaceful days, Lots of signs of pubs opening and welcome back signs. I'll be staying away
A wide angle shot taken from the water looking north, probably at the Rydal Horseshoe. Thanks Steveng for hosting

Day 103 of restrictions
176 deaths since yesterday taking the UK total to 43,906. All eyes are on Leicester which has 10% of the country's  positive tests in the past week and is now subject to the first local lockdown.  The Walkers crisps factory in the city confirms it has a number of cases but does not believe it is the source of the outbreak. We are all assured you cannot catch covid19 from eating crisps. It will be interesting to see how compliant the people of Leicester are,  when pubs in the rest of England open on Saturday. 
There have been some new cases of the virus in Scotland near the border with England, blamed  on the English travelling into Scotland now we're allowed to do so. And that probably is the cause. It's worrying though, too many people do not know they have the virus. We need the app, it's pretty obvious the the manual version is not working otherwise Leicester would not have have had to lock down. 
As businesses reopen,  they re-evaluate their plans and try to guess what life will look like. John Lewis, Upper Crust and Airbus all say today they have too many people.  So, pleased my two sons are working and have been working throughout. 
Europe is the only continent where cases continue to go down.  Many countries are having a second peak. There's a long way to go yet

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