By JohnW

Long and Thin

That was the challenge, so here it is.  365 deg pano of our lawn.  Actually you have got all of the side lawn and a fair bit of the front lawn.  Herbie has his work cut out, and he tried to see me off while I was playing.  Shot compliments of Pano mode on telephone and enhanced a bit in PS.
Today was pressy day.  The extension tubes for the EOS R turned up nearly a month earlier than expected, so you do have to play, don’t you?
I have been looking for economically priced extension rings for the EOS R since early June, but there’s not a lot on the market.  Kenko do a set for a couple of hundred quid, and there are a few others about at the thirty/forty pound mark (my price range) with varying/dubious write-ups so I was in limbo, until I spotted this electronics free set for £8.50.  Hardly the price of a couple of pints of beer, and as the pubs are closed, not a lot to lose.
Took a few shots and reasonably happy with the results.  One is at extras along with a shot of the rings.  Lighting was more of a problem than focus.
One of the things that make this set of rings cheap is that the sections screw together with the camera/lens bayonets just on the ends.  The biggest down here is the lens winds up at any old angle, but that doesn’t really cause a problem.  I only tried them out at full length today.
I’m happy with manual mode for ‘studio’ macros, but I may invest in a fully operational set later.  Roll on Tuesday . . .

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