By JohnW

Getting the Measure of Things

Just had to have a play with the extension tubes featured at extra yesterday, and as it’s Abstract Thursday, and as I sneaked a VERY late entry last week (naughty, it was on Friday),  I thought I better do something with the experimental shots taken today.
Before I bore everyone with the technical bits - many thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday.
Technical bits:
All shots have been cropped from the full width of each image, then the lot rotated to fit on the screen.
From left to right (lens EOS R 24-105 at 105mm)
Segments - 28mm, 14mm, 7mm, just the end bits, lens without extension.
The segments screw together and the end bits are the lens and camera couplings.
The end bits give about 7mm extra, so you can add 7mm to each of the segments for the true extension.
Yesterday I did say that the screw connections between the tubes causing the lens to be at an odd angle was not a problem.  Well I was wrong - at the lower magnifications (shorter tubes) the mask in the lens comes across the corner of the shot.  When I was shooting I thought I’d got something in the way and just concentrated on the focus.  I will have to go back and see what not screwing the tubes all the way achieves.  Still at £8.50 I’m not complaining.

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