By Stella2

Woodbury Common

Rather a grey dreary day.  Just managed to get my online grocery order done before the cut off time.  It usually takes me much longer than I think it should but at least its in the comfort of home.  Will be collecting it tomorrow.  I popped out after lunch to Woodbury Common to find a shot for this weeks Wide Wednesday with a theme of, with the format 16:9.  Just managed to take this before it started to rain again.

We were hoping to meet up with friends for an afternoon chat and a cup of tea, I had baked a rhubarb and ginger teacake earlier this morning but the wet forecast for this afternoon put a stop to that.  It turned out well as it was experimental really as I was adding the rhubarb and ginger to another basic recipe.  It won't last long in this house though.  It then gave me time to pop down to the allotment and pick the last of the strawberries, some blackcurrants and courgettes.  Got rained on twice though but I'm not complaining as it saves watering.

Thought it was a camera club evening but its next week and now the sun's come out.  The best time of the day today.

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