Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

The Windmill Farm Track

My car was in for a service today.  I dropped it off and then walked back along local footpaths that followed the old tramway tracks from the Hollybank colliery, before going along an old canal extension.  Persistent drizzle caused the vegetation to be wet, soaking my trousers as I walked through the long grass and vegetation.  The highlight was to come across a buzzard, sheltering on a low branch along the footpath but, as ever, as soon as he becomes aware of me and before I could even raise the camera, it flew off.  They are so wary of any movement that might be a threat.

L picked me up and dropped me back at the garage at the end of the day.  I took the camera and headed to an old haunt for photography when I used to stop off on my way to work.  I wanted to enter the Wide Wednesday Challenge and particularly wanted to use a 6x17 ratio, which was used in some panoramic film cameras such as the Fuji GX617 and Hasselblad X-Pan.  There was a time when you might pick up one of these cameras quite cheaply, but they are so rare these days and so sought after they often sell for thousands of pounds.

Day Miles: 2.8 miles. Total Miles: 850.0 miles

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