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By ajt

Pistacia vera

I'm going nuts...

A few years ago my blood pressure was a little high. My GP tried several things and I decided to lose weight and eat a slightly different diet. I didn't changed my diet much, but I did add some nuts to it, and stopped nibbling biscuits and I gave up booze (not that I drank a lot to start with). I managed to lose weight and my blood pressure came down and my blood chemistry also drastically improved.

I've since changed jobs and I've worked from home for nearly three years now, which has meant a lot less cycling and walking and even though I've not changed my diet (much) I've gradually put weight on again - the recent confinement hasn't helped either!

I just need to stop nibbling and do more walking/cycling - which so far I've not actually done...

For today's tiny Tuesday I present a pair of pistachio shells, sans culinary nut, which isn't a botanical nut... The extra is the same pair in a slightly different pose. They aren't really eye like or even metaphorically eye like, but they are just tiny...!

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