By ArcLight

3.5 months

That's how long it's been since I was last in my office. I miss it. I miss the working environment. I don't miss my books that much, because quite a few of them are at home. I haven't had a single place where all of my books are present for a very long time, but I miss having access to those in my office if I need them.

I wasn't allowed to work there today, but I was allowed to visit, in order to drop off some books and pick some others up. I brought slightly fewer than I took in, actually. And at least I got to feel the vibe. Roll on *September* when we will be allowed back in "properly". Things are moving back to 'normal' in the city, although when I cycled in at 9am there were very few shops open. When I cycled home, I took a slightly scenic root over the Mound. Very few people indeed on Princes Street, and not much happening either on George Street. Lakeland is still closed, for example.

Other than that, it was appalling weather to open the seventh month of the year. I got pretty wet cycling up to town and back, but it was definitely worth it. And things warmed up a lot when I cooked a really hot Ethiopian curry for dinner. It was excellent with Mr A's naan breads. And he made the Berbere spice mix in his relatively recently acquired electric grinder.

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